The Tables

So if I’m picking up the signals, conservatives are claiming that the man killed by cops in the Oregon standoff was trying to surrender. Witnesses say that’s a lie. Liberals claim the cops’ shooting was justified.

Two thoughts:

When did support for flagrant rebellion against the Establishment become conservative, and support for law enforcement become liberal? Haven’t the tables turned in some insane way?

This word, conservative: I do not think it means what you think it means.

The Crossing

Is it wrong, sacrilegious,
to want this life so much,
and for the musical words
to come, like raindrops
after a long crossing of sand?
No water, not for a hundred
miles. Scorpions, pigweed
by the highway when we
finally reach the pavement
scoured by wind. And the dull
buzz of the wires overhead.

The tracks of the box turtle
cross and cross, forming
documents to prove
the loss of days and weeks.

I wish I had slept beneath
the yew for luck, for an hour,
just to dream of anything
except the escape of everything
I love, bit by bit. And the fear
of waking after nightfall,
alone in a house full of papers
and bones. Oh please
don’t leave me while I sleep.
Keep watch against shadows
and pray. And someday
I will do the same for you.


Kyle Kimberlin
Creative Commons Licensed

Santa Cause of Action

I have a bone to pick with Santa Claus. I want one of those fuzzy red suits with furry white trim. That’s looks incredibly comfortable and warm. But I know that if I got one, I couldn’t wear it out of the house without running up against all sorts of expectations. You know, that all “Ho ho ho,” and “Jolly old elf,” and “What do you want for Christmas?” stuff.

The problem is, Santa’s been zipping around for generations in that awesome outfit, delivering gifts, hanging at the mall, riding on fire trucks, etc. He’s made it impossible for anybody else to dress that way without drawing attention.

Well, I have things to do, places to be, people to see. I just want the suit. And I’m betting I’m not alone.

So I’m wondering, is there a questionable constructive trademark we can look into getting overturned? I’ll bet Claus never bothered to file for a TM in the US. It’s probably not enforceable outside of Lapland.

Any hot and juicy lawyers out there want to take this on contingency? If we win, I’ll buy you a suit too. You’ll look so good in court. Ho ho ho.



#Christmas #Grinch #NQ

Poem, Not About Death

We think about death.
We sing, write, paint, and build for it.
It is all that we believe in, after all.

Death is what makes everything matter.
And finally, it’s all that we fear. But I
don’t want to think about endings tonight.

I will close my eyes in this darkened room
and remember faces, so dear and far away
and death will be nothing anymore.








Kyle Kimberlin

Creative Commons Licensed

Goodbye National Geographic

I have the last issue trustworthy issue here on the desk in front of me. We should note the date: November, 2015. Traditional yellow border, image of Earth with the words, “Cool it” across the middle. The Climate Issue.

This week the Society sold the magazine and book elements to Rupert Murdoch and his gang for $725M.

A bastion of popular science is now controlled by a very prominent climate change denier who, despite his company’s assurances of editorial integrity, has spent decades interfering with the independence of his properties. A tabloid king could now apply the values of the New York Post to one of the world’s oldest magazines.


When the news of the merger broke, many were, shall we say, concerned about 21st Century Fox founder Rupert Murdoch’s influence over a revered scientific publication.

Morlach is an Australian billionaire, Prevaricator in Chief of Fox News. He has done as much to teach Americans to hate each other and their country as when Satan mustered his demons at Antietam and Gettysburg.

Merdlump has raised up Fox News as his flagship of disinformation and epitome of Doublethink. He has helped bring about the Rise of the Great American Stupid. His minions wage war on science, reason, and critical thinking throughout the land.


Of course, the first thing Murdoch of Mordor did was to fire staff. 180 people were gone in a day.

To the board of the National Geographic Society: How could you do such a dumshit evil thing? Better to have let it die in the ebbing tide of print media than to turn it over to a monster of anti-intellectual propaganda.

Goodbye, National Geographic. You were awesome, beloved, trusted, even collected. Beautiful photography, honest and clear writing, uncompromising veracity. All gone now.

The Dark Room

Somewhere in the house a dark door
opens and death appears, which is silence.

We go in to pray for a thousand years alone
and to long for the voice of the sea.

I see there is today and you are here
and the sunlight and the singing birds.

Nothing beyond the house — the hissing
of snakes and the foul traffic — is worthy of us.

That dark room must be tomorrow,
and the cold rain against the glass, and the clouds.

J. Kyle Kimberlin
Draft 2

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-
NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

All Who Wander

for my mother

I know that I was born onto Earth
and that my life is in this place,
that I was born out of Heaven into
paradise, with a craving for stillness
and music that sways
like trees in a little wind.

What if I was born out of Heaven
into Heaven and somehow got lost,
drawn here because I heard you
crying and knew I would be loved?
For a moment here with you, I
will not be missed in the eternity
for which I’m bound.

When I arrive, I will find the house
well lit and a soft bed
and music in the sky.
But I will not be home.

J. Kyle Kimberlin
First draft